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Cooking Fever

Do you like kitchen games like “Sara’s Cooking Class”? Then you’ll love Cooking Fever. In this adventure, with free core content and a selection of micro-transactions, you’re a customer of an instant serving of restaurants (burgers, pizza, taco, … Nokia Software Recovery Tool Zeekie torrent
). This content is perfect for all audiences – from kids to adults all can play.

Choose your luck ((function) {(‘study-app-page-desktop’);});Cooking Fever As you need to “live” the customer’s wavefor all kinds of fast food: burgers, soft drinks, hot As a seller, you need to follow the necessary steps to prepare each dish and every order. For example, to cook a good burger, you have to put the bread on this plate, the meat in the pan, remove it when it’s done (take a long time and it’s burned and you need to throw it!) And put this is in Cadence Brot.Derand your micro management skills are the key to CookingFeverberjaya, especially if you have tutorial levels behind you and you are overwhelming by multiple customers at once. It’s too long and customers go without paying. Have fun and you will be very happy as long as you can tip. Now Cooking Fever looks like a normal cooking game. What is unique about it? Two elements: advancing and managing the farm. In the endof the rotation or level of Cooking Fever, you can convert your money into a better kitchen tool. Increase the pan and the meat will be ready sooner. Buy more Tupper and you can save more food and help with your rules. You choose what you want to improve, and eliminate one of the game type curses: linear Progression.Wenn that you play many rounds, you can invest money with games to improveyour restaurant looks. This part is more strategic than it appears to be: Entertain your customersTV better and they live more adults. Also in this part of the game, you feel that you control Cooking Fever directly, and not in the other way!

Many of the Endurance of CookingFever are not 100% free games, women and men. This title includes optional microtransactions that help you quickly organize yourequipment or make special development faster. You can complete the Cooking Fever without having to pay, but you often have to repeat the level to get enough money for the well-equipped equipment. You need a lot of patience. Cooking Fever has a great control system that is grateful to me in the most stressful moments. No matter what I hated in this game since I lost time because I did not realize itthe title, for example, I want to send orders to customers At the aesthetic level, Cooking Fever is beautiful and sweet even without too much color, slow down the action on older devices. Every time you look at interactive elements when you’re in the middle of cooking, which is the most important thing.

The highly recommended Cooking Fever is surprised to us positively. We look forward to various cooking games and we seea title recognizing that it is in a genre that is uncertain and requires a kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, Cooking Fever puts you in control of your strategy and how you want to move forward. We Will Never Think It’s Talking about strategy games in the kitchen, but we’re sure you did not read the proposal.


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